How to pick your perfect makeup match

How To Pick Your Perfect Makeup Matches

How to pick your perfect makeup match

If you’re anything like 99% of the women I know, myself included. You most likely buy beauty products that aren’t a good match for you. Since covid this is becoming even more of a problem. Without being able to go into stores and swatch testers it’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate our colour matches. I am sharing some tips to help guide you pick your perfect makeup matches.

These tips are going to save you a lot of time and money in the long run 😉

1: Skin Care 

How to identify your skin type and what will work best? 

Wash your face and don’t put any moisturisers on it for 15 minutes. 

  • Does your skin feel dry and uncomfortable after those 15 minutes?  You have a dry skin type. Look for products that offer hydration.
  • If oil has started to accumulate on your face you are an oily skin type. Look for gel and mattifying formulas.
  • Oil on the tzone but dry cheeks equals combination skin. You can alternate between hydration and mattifying options.

Skin Care Recommendation: Biossance

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The Value for money is outstanding! I highly recommend shopping for your skincare this time of year.

2: Foundation

The trickiest of all our online purchases – Foundation.

The biggest hurdle here is to determine your undertone once we have figured out what our undertone is, we can eliminate many of the colour options. And pick our perfect match through the process of elimination.

How do I figure out my undertone? 

Most consumers don’t know how to understand and identify their undertone. The best way to do this is to think about what jewelry looks best on you.

  • Silver = cool undertone 
  • Gold = warm undertone 
  • Rose gold = neutral  

For example, if you are pale it doesn’t mean you are cool. I see this happening all the time. You can have a fair complexion but a warm undertone. And if you have a deep skin tone, you can have a cool undertone. 

Try the jewelry trick and identify your undertone. This eliminates 2 thirds of the options offered. Once we are at this stage, we can eliminate shades we know are too dark or too light and at this point have narrowed down our selection to one or 2 options. 

If the jewelry trick doesn’t work for you another way is to look at your veins: 

Look at your wrist. Are the veins purple, blue, or green? If they’re purple, you’re a cool tone, blue = neutral tone, green = warm tone.

Another top tip is once you have narrowed it down to a couple shades go to Pinterest and search for foundation swatches in the shades you are looking at. There are loads of images of people sharing their experience with the product and this can really help to get your perfect match. 

Foundation Suggestion: Bite Beauty Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation 

You must check out this foundation! It’s my personal favourite and I use it constantly.

  • 32 shades to pick from 
  • creamy, lightweight foundation that blend out smoothly, giving you buildable light-to-medium coverage that lasts all day. 
  • Supercharged with clean ingredients, nourishes with antioxidant rich maqui berry 


We all want to find that perfect shade of lipstick. The easiest way to pick a shade that will look fabulous on you is to pick a shade that is a shade lighter or darker than your natural lip colour. 

Lips come in so many different natural colours. You could have naturally pink, peach, brown, purple etc. lips. For the most part we never stop to identify our lip colour, this leads us to buy lipsticks that don’t work for us. 

Product Suggestion: Burt’s Bees Matte Sticks 

  • Formulated with a blend of ultra-hydrating butters, the new Matte Sticks deliver a medium-coverage matte finish that won’t dry out your lips. Now available in 12 shades
  • The Matte Sticks are long wearing and smudge proof under our masks J
  • Burt’s Bees also has amazing lip care holiday gift sets all under $20! 
  • You can get your matte sticks here : Burt’s Bees Matte Stick

4- Eyes

Choosing an eyeshadow shade that works for you can be a difficult process. There are thousands of different colors in a multitude of hues and attempting to find just one that looks good on you can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, you can use your eye color, skin tone, and hair color as a basis to find the perfect shade to complete your look. No overthinking involved!

Blue eyes: 

Pick a light shade and apply it to your lid. Using darker shades on your blue eyes will distract from your eyes rather than enhance. 

Colour suggestions: Champagne, light taupe browns and coppers make blue eyes pop 

Green eyes:

Muted plums, pinks and browns accentuate green eyes 

Brown Eyes: 

Almost anything works with brown eyes but if you want a pop of colour try a purple or teal. These are opposites on the colour wheel and will really make brown eyes stand out. 

Go to Product: Laura Mercier – Caviar Sticks: 

  • This long-wearing, cream eyeshadow stick delivers effortless application with up to 12 hours of high-impact colour. Now available in 12 new shades
  • You can also buy Caviar Sticks in select shades as part of a holiday gift set! 


Lastly Blush – This tip will help you pick the perfect shade of blush. 

The perfect shade of blush for you will be a shade that is the same as your natural lip colour. Above I talked about identifying your natural lip tone. Once you’ve done this pick a shade of blush that is the same tone as your lips.

If you have pink lips pick a pink toned blush. Purple – pick a blush with purple tones. 

This tip will help you pick your perfect shade of blush and you will never have to doubt your blush shade again.

Product Recommendation Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher 

Available in 11 stunning shades you will be sure to find your perfect match.

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