Dior Lipglow

DIOR – Lip Glow. The Ultimate Lip Tint

 After using the product myself, I can tell you that it is one of the absolute best lip balms out there to help you achieve a fresher, fuller and more radiant lip. This treatment is the perfect combination of make-up and lip care, as this balm was designed to enhance your natural lip colour while nourishing lips.  

Facial Cupping – Alternative to Botox

Cupping is a form of massage that brings blood closer to the surface and stimulates blood flow. There are different size cups for different parts of the body and the benefits will vary depending on which part of the body you using them. Facial cupping specifically uses smaller cups to rejuvenate blood flow to all areas of your face. The result is younger looking skin that practically glows.

Wood Watches you can Engrave

Made out of wood and are perfectly crafted, these wood watches are the perfect mix of contemporary and classic which means that they work for both trendy fashionistas as well as more conservative dressers. My husband typically wears a suit during the week and casual wear on the weekends so I chose a style that would work in any scenario for him. There’s an amazing selection of styles and different wood finishes so it was hard to choose!

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