Easy Fishtail Braid For Any Hair Length

Easy Fishtail Braid
Easy fishtail braid for any hair length

It’s summer time and in my opinion, there’s nothing better than the look of a beautiful braid paired with a cute hat on the weekend. Are you with me on this?

I don’t usually have much time to spend on my hair especially when I have a day off off with the fam. I love how quick and easy this look is. I don’t even bother combing my hair for this one it’s as simple as it gets.

This look does require clip in hair extensions if you have short or fine hair but I can honestly say that this is NOTHING to be afraid of. If you can clip a barrett into someone’s hair then you will have no problem clipping the extensions in. It’s so easy it’s laughable and once they are in you are left with gorgeous looking hair that’s easy to style.

I go from this shoulder length do to a long and luscious braid with in 5 minutes or under 😊

Shoulder length hair
Shoulder length hair

What you need :

  • Hair that is long enough to tie into a ponytail – It doesn’t matter how tiny the ponytail you will just need this to create the base of the braid.
  • A hair tie to tie your hair into a pontytail
  • A second hair tie to tie off the end of the braid
Hair Ties
Hair Ties
  • A hair clip to section your hair with
  • Clip in extensions I buy mine from : Le Angelique  You get 20% off the site if you use the code SHIRA20
  • A cute hat ( this is totally optional and depends on the day you are going to have)
Cute summer hat
Cute summer hat

How to :

I have created this video tutorial so that you can see exactly how I create the look and how easy it really is :

Fishtail Braid Tutorial 

I hope this is helpful and adds a little fun to your usual summer hair do’s. If you are lucky enough to have long thick hair naturally then you can skip the clip in hair part.

The hair extensions from leangelique are 100% human hair so you can style them as you wish with curling irons and straighteners. I have had my set for 2 years now and they are still as amazing as the day I bought them. Occasionally (once a month ) I wash them with shampoo and lay them out on a towel to dry over night. They are a great investment and give me the versatility I like to have when doing my hair.

See you guys next week with more beauty tips 😊


Xo Shira

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